Malicia Indigena



'Malicia Indigena' was a collaborative exhibition held at The Third Quarter by Illustrator Carolina Navarrete and Photographer Delong Lin. Translated as 'Indigenous Malice'; it is a common phrase in Colombia capturing the action of relishing life itself, cheating destiny and truly making the most of one's experiences. Gifted from indigenous ancestors, it is an intuition to perceive a situation awry, cleverly crafting it into something truly positive and powerful.

In December 2017 Artist Navarrete and Lin travelled to Colombia, a journey that reconnected Carolina to her roots. They returned home to Australia and Lin developed these moments using an alternative process known as Caffenol - drawing a direct line to the geography of his subjects using Colombian coffee.

This collection of illustrated photographic works is a vivid example of how Colombian life is driven by this fearless intuition. In the pockets where conditions are tough, people call upon their indigenous malice to make the most of their existence.

This bashfully thoughtful series reconciles the two contrasting perspectives between Artists Navarrete and Lin as: Illustrator and Photographer, Native and Visitor, Creator and Viewer.

All analog photography + text

A5: 5.8 X 8.3 inches
30 pages

First edition of 50